Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's the Beg-1-nning....

Here we go...it's official...I have arrived in the blog world. After many complaints of me no longer writing, posting, talking, I've FINALLY decided to create one. That's thanks to a few things-a calendar (home and work), pda phone, lap top, which have all tremendously enhanced my time management capabilities. I will try to be consistent and post on a regular basis, however life tends to throw you lemons sometimes-that have you making lemonade for days, in other words: things get a bit discombobulated at times, causing you to spend time trying to do damage control! Writing is therapeutic for me, so I expect to be writing a lot. 2 months into 2008 and I'm already anticipating a good year to work on completing a few things on my life list. Sorry, sidenote...I just want to share my disappointment and sadness first. So, all $55.00 and $75.00 for the Real Thing tour featuring Jill Scott and Raheem Devaughn in Detroit are sold out, damn! Leaving me to deliberate and contemplate over $35.00 nose bleed seats at the way, way, way back of the theatre. *sigh*. Something short tonight and bringing up the concert just spoiled my writing appetite. Anyway here's my list...

10 Things I would like to do before I leave this earth.

1. Start a Blog (check)
2. Go to Dubai
3. Tour Europe
4. Buy a Condo downtown
5. Keep the condo and cop a house with an all white BMW X6 in the drive way
6. Tell that ONE dude that I want, need him, can't live without him
7. Eat meat again (maybe....not, unless my doctor prescribes it.)
8. Write a book
9. Visit Africa
10. Be recognized as a person of change


**Quote of the day: Love is blind...I know this because you cannot see me!**
The Listening...Rahsaan Patterson-Wines & Spirits...with a side of 24 Carat Black