Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Present, Futuristic thinker!

I guess the new hairdo and I are getting along (thank goodness)! Thanks to everyone, that's been feeling it and gassing up my head! I'm still waiting for someone to say they DON'T like it so I can turn my nose up at them! (Jokes, I wouldn't dare...or would I?? LOL)

I'm beginning to feel like Reverend Run without the bath of bubbles (grown man in bubbles up to his chin, somehow it just cracks me up!) ever since I got this BlackBerry. It's so much easier for me to get my thoughts out, because they do lose their effectiveness and coherence when u try to make up your main point later on. I woke up this morning and decided to clean out my purse, and upon going through my purse, I came across a whole stack of sticky StAR notes with quotes and songs, that I might've taken in on a particular day. I have a habit of walking with sticky notes in my bag, I'm kinda old school like that. I'll write on them and then transfer them to my pda, but I just LOVE sticky notes! So a quote that I always seem to go back to and must've been written several times on orange and yellow StARs was the following: One of life's biggest challenges is discovering your personal essence and then the ability to self-actualize. Being on the whole lesson learned tip, I figured I would try and rationalize the following...I for one think about how the future will play out WAAAY too much, where I then lose track of the extenuating procedures that can potentially lead up to positive futuristic developments; in turn, making this capricorn have a harder mountain to climb. I know, I put myself out there with one of my biggest faults. LOL! Everything cannot be calculated, hell a little damage control is good for the soul when you mess up on your decision making! I'm going to try living in the present more often, so that I can create a sense of urgency for immediate or sooner than later results, when dealing with situations and the execution of thoughts. Exhibit 1-I was reading a book by the name of Syrup I think written by Maxx Barry (great book by the way). It's a fictional book about a man Scat who planned on selling an idea to Coca Cola for a new Cola product, which would have brought in dollars, but a whole bunch of roadblocks occur (I'm not gonna give the story away). In the first few pages of the book he mentions that an individual thinks of approximately 3 million dollar ideas, but will most likely never execute, therefore having someone beat you to that pot of gold at the end of that marketing plan! Exhibit 2-I've learned: To love someone in the present by compromising one's self, not necessarily based off how things are currently, but moreso based on how things SHOULD be can prove to be detrimental. Why? Once we realize that we've been holding on to hope and empty dreams we recognize that we have FAILED. Who likes to fail?? It's embarassing!?!? We cannot guarantee an auspicious future, however acting on our present state of mind can initiate the beginning to a list of possibilities. Write that idea down and throw it to someone you REALLY trust (not someone like Scat's roomate who stole his idea to bank off it!) as a matter a fact launch it yourself, then speak to someone you really trust for their opinion. This line is cliche but true; if you love someone tell them, at least they can never say they didn't know or you'll realize, HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU (I love that book. LOL) So in conclusion, the present is a gift, enjoy it! Like Common said, "Don't worry about tomorrow cause today is a blessing." and for the women of lost love: "The past is HIStory, the present a gift of sadness, the future is bright." Know who you are and what you want, work on YOU immediately to reach your full potential and of course the best way for that to be done...is...dealing with the present.
I'm out. For some reason, I'm up at night and wanting to sleep in the day like I'm some owl that doesn't have to be at a desk all day. Well I'm not an owl and I definitely need to be awake at work...so I will be trying to force myself to sleep riiiiighhhhht nooooooooooow. Peace


***B.t.w (Corny ass thought)- I'm wondering how many more songs The Game is gonna come out with that have him talking about Dre, Impalas and dreams. Nevertheless, a decent track. Big Dreams-The Game produced by Cool and Dre.

Song of the day: Hold it Down-Buckshot, Talib Kweli and 9th Wonder.

Quote of the day: (from above) Life's biggest challenge is discovering your personal essence and then to self-acutalize