Friday, March 28, 2008

What a Day!

As my week off comes to an end, I hold my head down and cry...37.5 hours next week outside my house at a desk...well maybe 33hrs (Jay-Z Concert, I'm leaving early!) This week was a very interesting week....VERY interesting week! I won't go into detail of all that defined my week as interesting. First off, ANNOUNCEMENT: After continuous battles with my UT Starcom, it finally decided to give up the good fight, so I am officially a part of the CRACK Berry world. I've upgraded my handset to the Blackberry 8830. So now I can use cool phrases like everyone else..."hit me on the BB," "ping" and so on. All the additional features that it has, made me not miss the good ole Windows mobile and touch screen on the Pocket PC.

My day as follows...I'm up at 7am on my day off, I don't know why, but I am. 10am I hit the 401 to drop my car off to get it's car physical at the car clinic, Doctor, I mean Mr. Chin (not his real name, but you know how it goes with blacks and Asians)...his wife, with the best english possible says to me, "why you wait so long to fix everytin', you mess up car and pay me more money." I say..."See, your husband fixes the cars you run the show, you remind him that he needs to collect money for work done!" "I on the other hand cannot remember to bring my car in...because I am the single female that runs her own show..." "Fixing a car with no suspected noises?? naaaaah! Unless I hear click, clacking, you won't see me Cindy!" 10:51 I call Enterprise car rental a block over (less than 10 minutes)...dude says..."Ok! Pick up will be there in 15 minutes!"11:30 still waiting...I call back he says.."Oh! She's on her way, just on Markham Rd. (I'm on Markham Rd. Right....) 12:05 Stacey turns into a green monster and calls back...dude says..."Well uhhh! She was outside and no one was there..." I reply, "ummm I am outside staring at Mack trucks getting washed your driver is straight trippin'" I digress for a moment. In the midst of all this waiting, a black guy walks into the shop and first thing out his mouth is, "hi, you have man?" I don't like to lie, but given my circumstance and the black guy in a burgundy shirt, cream and red striped tie, an Adidas headband on with a pair of K Swiss sneaks that I know should definitely be white, but are now brown...I said, "YES!" He then decides to stand beside me like I needed help waiting and asks question #2..."My car can't move out the pound, you think they'll charge me for keeping it there for a couple of days??" Nicca! They like dudes like you...So I reply "Let me guess your car broke down, so you left it?? And it got towed off the side of the road?? (Just my assumption given the latter question and his look.)" He replies, "yes." I am highly irritated at this time. Ladies understand what I'm talking about; there is nothing more annoying than a man catching you at the wrong time, trying to make small talk when you clearly want to rip his head off (I'm not gonna lie, if he was cute I would've compromised a bit. LOL) My phone was also dead so I couldn't do any decoy calling. Anyway, he must've thought I was a real ass after the next question. Question #3 (might I add he's throwing back a few fries and eating a greasy ass drumstick from KFC out his back pack) "Which way are you going? You think I can bum a ride off you? Just drop me up the street!" AHHHHHHHH! I stormed out the auto shop, he follows I say..."I don't know you, number 2; why would I be standing here looking out this window at the driveway? I am clearly waiting for a ride as well, maybe you should call someone like I did." I just don't understand what some individuals think, when approaching another individual, but then again, after reading IAN's blog on Bitchassness and Men stepping their game up, I have to give him a point for effort...which will lead to my next blog in a bit...MEN KNOW YOUR LIMITS AND STANDARDS!!! To sum it all up though, turns out that the car he thought couldn't start because of alternator issues just needed a boost to the battery, which my mechanic kindly gave him after pushing his car out the pound (sidebar: HE DIDN'T EVEN GIVE MY MECHANIC A TIP!!!). So anyway Enterprise finally arrives to pick me up, the Altima I wanted is given away because the bastards took too long in picking me up, so I get a Corolla with no discount for my inconvenience. At this point I was too tired to argue about a dollar. Peace, semi-bedtime, time to unwind!

Lesson Learned: When renting from Enterprise, they're apparently on black people time so call them 2 hrs before reaching your destination for pick up, that way your estimated wait time will probably be 15 minutes! This will also limit the amount of strange people trying to talk to you!

Song of the day: Step Off-Souls of Mischief

Sidebar: To the lady at the Markham Rd exit off the 401...How much can you really make at Markham rd for a trip to Calgary WITH a sign saying: I'M NOT A HOOKER, MOVING TO CALGARY...DRIVE SAFE!! hmmmm...

**I don't know know anything at all, who am I to say......

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


There's nothing more well stated than the following..."the truth hurts!" I for one understand that the truth hurts, but I get over it and in the end I say..."I respect you for being honest..." therefore my actions subsequential to your brutal honesty should not affect no one else but me...the now and present decision maker. If you feel the need to (for lack of a better word)..."cop" attitude and take it as an insult because you as the individual felt my actions are now you think it's fair? If you've now demotivated me or shot my esteem, can you really blame me for my actions? The point that I am trying to make is this, while others say..."you can't handle the truth..." there's me and a few others who'll say..."I may not be able to handle the truth, how YOU would like me to, however I will be handling it!" END OF DISCUSSION...No need to hold malice or attitudes...ESPECIALLY when you should've been expecting my reaction to be one of a negative nature...who's told something that might be a bit disturbing and smiles about it? Truth does not equal Humour in most cases. The same level of respect I've given for the truth is the same level of respect I expect back, which means any selfishness that might reside, must then be placed aside and YOU MUST GET OVER IT! It's great to tell the truth, but all I'm saying is...Don't dish truth if you can't eat the residual affects of my actions. The truth is there to be told, help others grow by changing your perspective to eventually make you a better person. Too bad if the person did not stay the same for your benefit. :o)

**no quote today, my entry said enough!**

Track of the day...Prince Phillip Mitchell-Make It Good

Here's a sample fo yo ass....Find the association to my blog.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snowed In and All snowed out!

Well...I'm not really snowed in, but I LOVE my life, and there is nothing worth ME getting in my car and tackling those streets. I am somewhat tired of the snow however. Not to mention, the individuals who feel the only view they need to see is the one out their windshield. Let me vent for a moment...How do you know someone's not gonna run into you-if you can't see out your back window? Don't you just hate those drivers who feel the roof of their car is not part of the routine in cleaning snow off your car? ARGH?!? PURE selfishnesss and laziness! It might not be snowing at that moment, but the snow on the roof of your car piled high is making it hard for the people behind you to see, ESPECIALLY when there's chunks of snow rushing toward MY windshield. I don't know about anyone else, but it's not so much the snow that I'm tired of, but moreso the drivers who want to be lazy with cleaning snow off their car, less than par driving skills and NO WINTER tires. I love the snowfalls, it's when the wind kicks in that makes me start thinking about booking a flight to Jamaica. Making snow angels and having snowball fights are always great. Plus! The snowfalls have really motivated me and my workout plan, I actually take the initiative to shovel, I mean waking up earlier than usual to shovel. There's nothing better than feeling your biceps and triceps hurt the next day, while you think to yourself...Oh yaaaaa, I'm getting cut...flex on, flex off...back fat disappear, cause I can feel my butterfly wings starting to form a nice back. I know I'm not the only one that gets carried away with that type of pain. LOL. Above all it does cramp my social life.

Imma list off my top 5 cons and top 5 pros of winter weather, minus the workout routine mentioned above. Find your niche within them.

5. Having a room over the garage, I now have to wear 3 layers WITH a duvet (men are scarce) conclusion I make a resolution to get a man for winter next year! LOL.
4. Gas seems to go so quickly in the ride!
3. It starts with a runny nose and one sick co-worker now your using sick days for sick days and not warm days.
2. You miss some of your favourite parties downtown.

5. One Word....Snow days! The one day you get to stay home from work cause CP24 said so.
4. You SAVE MONEY on junk food so you sharpen your cooking skills.
3. You SAVE MONEY on going out to the clubs and the expenses associated with it... drinks, parking etc.
2. You SAVE MONEY on gear, cause it's all about the hoodies, jogging pants and boots.
*hahaha, that wasn't a very diverse list of pros. Oh well, it's true though. Anyone contest?

I was very productive today though, Listened to music and looked into some oldies. I watched Balls of Fury, Girlalicious, wrote a blog ;o). Read an Intouch Weekly (Apparently Angelina and Brad are getting married and having twins. Paris is NOW dating Nicole's babyfather's TWIN brother....what a heffer!! AND how many times are they gonna comment on Jennifer Hudson's white Roberto Cavalli dress that made her look like a snowman, rolls and all....who cares?!? Work it gurl!). Today was a bit out of the ordinary StAR schedule, but I was only following my horoscope: eh em, "EVEN REPONSIBLE CAPRICORNS NEED TO LET LOOSE EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE..."

Peace and hair grease! 20 days till the Stacey-StAR makeover!!

Quote of the day: Love is a lonely road so only walk it when you know it's true. I thought I found a path in you, but I'm on an empty avenue. (Algebra Blessett-My Pride.)

Track(s) of the day (today was a musical day!): Just Because-Martha Redbone, Algebra-My Pride, Hang On In There Baby-Johnny Bristol.

**sorry I cheated and threw in the whole Johnny Bristol album. LOL.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hump day, Reflection day, Get my grind on day!

Happy belated hump day, and this week it LITERALLY felt like I was climbing over this HUGE MOUNTAIN. All my energy was drained in the morning from shoveling my whole driveway, going to work all tired to then have to leave unexpectedly AND also putting my shoes on the wrong feet (ooooh how embarrassing right? :oS…it was dark when I put them on…no seriously, I’m not lying). Today was definitely one of those days that made me think... “Can it be that it was alllll sooo simple then? Or...Has time rewritten every line? And if we had the chance to do it all again, tell me…would we?...could we?…MEMORIES…) damn those water-coloured memories of THE WAY WE WERE…-Gladys Knight and The Pips LOL. Sometimes it’s good to take 10 paces back to just see and re-configure our paths for the future. As I stood outside this morning and shoveled, my back and arms started to ache, shortened breath, my hands-I could feel the calluses forming, I started to realize that I was out of shape! Not only that but in the silence of the neighbourhood and the sun shining-I stood there with my chin on the shovel and dazed off into my own little world. I thought about how much of a task it is to have to sit at a desk for 8 hours+, doing something that I really don’t want to do. Nostalgia started to move in and remind me how things were back in the days. Do you remember as a child when the only worries you had were those of a competitor on the school playground? Thinking about work was scary and somewhat frightening. It was all about tetherball and being the UNDEFEATED champion (that I was) in a match of FOUR SQUARES during lunch hour. I didn’t mind at all when the teacher asked me to write on the board or read aloud. Back then that was what you LOVED to do. Damn it sucks to grow up. I guess the point that I’m trying to make is for me to stop complaining and try to emulate those days of passion and doing what made you happy. The only difference is, with change comes responsibility and as adults we incur more costs associated with living, which in turn cause us to do things THAT WE DON'T WANT TO DO. So at the end of the day, do what makes you happy and makes you MONEY. Today made me realize how much I need to follow my passions and work on doing what I LOVE. Long nights, lack of sleep, missing the home cooking sometimes because I’m always on the go, all serve for a greater purpose. They all contribute to my success that will be. AHHHHHHHHHHHH 2 more days of office life that seem like an eternity. I swear if it wasn’t for music, I don’t know how I would make it through the day. Peace!


Quote of the day: I never would have thought in my wildest dreams that it would have been this big, but it is. I want to be able to be respected, but at the same time go out on top and leave with dignity. –Eminem of his success. (from and article I read yesterday in an old scratch mag.)

Track of the day: Extreme-More than words (1990)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Distractions, Distractions, all because of you MUSIC!

woooow...wait...woooow. I said I would try to blog on a regular, but who told me to start a blog when I had assignments and tests due?? Not only that, but when your brain gets overworked-thinking of several business projects and deciding...out of all the crazy mishaps in a day...what to write about...It gets hectic! It's not that I have nothing to write about, it's just too much to touch base on! Anyway, I guess I'll start nice and fresh for March. March for me signifies, new beginning, spring cleaning, school work becoming excessive, taxes (yay!), AND extra good music starts getting released. Here we go! I'm sitting here trying to do my homework and study a bit (note to self: NEVER TRY AND START HOMEWORK DURING THE REAL FREQUENCY! Peep the Real Freq's blog... but no, of course I get sidetracked by The Real Frequency show on Flow...wait...sorry...the "new" Flow 93.5! If you don't know...this is my Monday night routine-I try to accomplish everything before 11pm so I can take in some real hip-hop. I lock off all personal calls by 10:50pm, I get my phone charged up for my daily text affair, where I discuss what's hot, what's not, criticize and crack jokes about the show with my homegurl Tiff (CO-CO-COOOLLLD STEEEEEEL!). By 1:00am my brain is all revved up on music. So much for strategic management and marketing plans getting done. I have to give a shout out to Inzane, Arcee and PPlus for always holding it down Monday nights.

If you tuned into the show then great if not, please read on. First off, The New North is a segment on the real freq's show, where they showcase up and coming artist of the North...Drake was the special guest tonight...all I can say is...the boy (man) is talented. A few exclusives, premieres, a 2 second clip of Drakes R&B attempt "Brand New" definitely sounding nice-google dat shit. Word of the day brought to you by Drake...the word is Tralse. When asked if he has ever ghost written for Dr. Dre, Drake's answer was "Tralse." Definition: A statement considered to be one half of which is accurate and true, but also containing some inconsistencies and untrue other words...well, I don't really wanna bait myself by admitting to it wholeheartedly so if i say "tralse" it's ambiguous in nature a.k.a TRUE! Secondly...Ante up with tha Mash-Out Posse, M.O.P will be in town this Friday at Opera House, they stopped by, well tapped in thru a phone interview. Get grimey with tha head-banging at the concert, if ya'll can make it.

Ego-Trippin' scheduled to be realeased March 11th, is sounding real dope, tracks to look out for on that album include: Life of da party, Neva have to worry (brap! My track), Waste of time, Can't say goodbye. These are of course in my opinion. You listen to it and you let me know! Once again, homework is now put off untill 2:30am in the morning because of the Real Freq's, and me deciding to blog. I think I'm really starting to develop a sleeping disorder.

On an R&B note, you all need to get your hands on Algebra Blessett's album "Purpose."
Some real solid vocals & lyrics. I'm lovin' this album right now, it's really helping with some therapy in the man department at the moment LOL. As usual I get real random with my music, depending on what is the first song that hits me on itunes in the AM. I must say, I would write a review on these albums, but I'm feelin' kinda lazy and also, if Stacey-StAR mentions it then-damn! It oughta be dope, so I don't have to go in detail! Peace out peeps. Love Life, Love Music.


Quote of the day: " Success is a great challenge. Enwrapped with fears to the pessimistic, but to the optimistic-success is change for the better. Only the positive and the resolute make it to the end."-Bassey Ndon

Track of the day...My Pride-Algebra (Album: Purpose)

P.S. The countdown started today for the Spring makeover, if you all wanna get in on the bet whether or not I can rest sneeks and wear more heels...holler. I think I might be in way over my head on this one...I think I've already lost! Spring means more sneeks, more nice coloured Air Maxs and other dope shit. Fuck! I'll just pay out now....nah up is way harder than trying. ;oP I don't think you all are ready for the new look premiering March 28th after my road trips! Oh Ya!