Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why are you over there looking at me....HATER?!?!

Yesterday I was talking to my boy and he mentioned money makes the world go ‘round so I told him, I beg to differ. In StAR’s crazy world I think HATERS MAKE THE WORLD GO ‘ROUND. Let me elaborate: If you’ve ever seen the movie Inside Man with Clive Owen and “My Man” himself Denzel Washington, then you are familiar with this partial quote-“RESPECT IS THE ULTIMATE CURRENCY.” This was said at the end by Clive Owen’s character. It came to mind as I sat talking to him staring at the Inside Man DVD case sitting on my window seat. You can have all the money in the world but if no one likes you or respects you, what’s the point? You’re just a damn slot machine that either gets cussed at, banged up or sweet talked then hoodwinked for your riches! So how does this tie into the whole topic of haters? Simply, the more people hate, the harder you try. You surpass them and leave them with their self inflicted pain of envy/jealousy and YOU end up being successful, recognized and therefore being RESPECTED by many more people for your effort and perseverance. Making something out of yourself! This is a classic example of turning negative into positive. Don’t get me wrong everyone cops a little “haterism” sometime, I mean I’m hating on the chick who was bubbling all over Usher during his performance on Dancing With The StARS, or some of those kids on My Super Sweet 16! Everything else…it makes no sense hating cause I can most likely do something about it. Anyway I’m talking about the all day, everyday hater, the hater with no justification. When I use the term HATER-I’m not only referring to those that build up jealousy towards another, I’m also talking about the doubtful skeptic and the overly excessive critics. If you don’t know someone personally and never have…what are you hating on? They say the happiest people with the biggest smiles on the outside, can sometimes be the ones with most trials and tribulations inside. So what are you jealous of? Don’t bother hating because you’re on the outside looking at what an individual cares to show you, especially materialistically…YES! He drives a 5 series BMW, BUT did you know to maintain his car it’s half his monthly income and his other bills might all be delinquent? If you and I were friends-we once were on a personal level, so you might’ve known my every move and what I aspire to do, why you criticizing my movements guy?!?! Once again…HATER what are you hating on? DON’T HATE CONGRATULATE!! LOL. Put down the HATERADE need a cheap mediocre drink…buy some KOOL-AID (random, it rhymed!) I’m accumulating and investing my respect vouchers very wisely…cashing 1 here or there inconspicuously. Hehe. Ultimately having a goal of being a highly regarded, respected chick , who started out on the Jane strip (Holla my peoples!! Jokes.)! In the end everything that I choose to do as a person is to better myself, to maintain a LEVEL of RESPECT amongst the others that I also respect, and teach a lesson to those that should be giving respect. Don’t have something to say unless you have a more efficient alternative to improving what I am aspiring to do. How true is it to say that you are only hating because I have what you fail to achieve and I am what you cannot be. People! Spend less time focusing all that negativity and putting excess energy into grudging people for who they are what they have and start honing your own skills, so that you too can be a respectable person. Learn to tolerate who are, so that everyone else can tolerate you, however some people just don’t have it so they will always be playa hating from the sidelines…and you my hater over there, will be my key to obtaining success and getting the respect that I deserve. Hating is the sincerest form of flattery…I’m flattered.
Peace out, see you at the top...hopefully!

A.L.S.O--You say ur addicted to weed, hell i'm addicted to cheese...trynna cut that shit out, like I did the meat...I flow with such ease, when I should be asleep.......and CUT! (I'm such a clown and I LOVE it.)

QUOTE OF THE DAY: George Washington Carver “Fear of something is at the root of hate for others, and hate within will eventually destroy the hater.”

TRACK OF THE DAY: First thing that came to mind...Haha, some LAAAZZZZZZZY MASE. Sleeping while trying to do a one, two step!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


From being a trill B*t&h with Rick Ross to Dreaming out Loud with One Republic…I can be a Hip-Rock-Reggae-Soul-Hop kinda woman. I’m pretty well rounded and my day to day relationships with friends/acquaintances look just like my itunes library.
I consider myself to be a cool girl…I mean I can get down with the homies, but then throw down in the mall to help a few girl friends find banging ensembles. I think I give pretty good advice, relationship or just playing the bootleg “life coach.” Although most of my friends would say I think like a man, hmmm, I never really understood that nor do I agree that I have “a man’s mentality”. I have one girl friend who thinks I always seem to agree with her fiancĂ© more than I do with her. LOL. I wouldn’t necessarily say I think like a man…I believe I tend to go with the more simplistic dealings. I just don’t use as much brain power or try to rationalize the irrational, which men also choose not to do. That’s just me being easy going and looking at situations from a different point of view, where both parties could be considered right. LOL. Mutable or versatile is what most people would call me because I’m down to earth and cultured. That’s nice to know, but it goes deeper than that…I fight a constant battle…HOMEGIRL Syndrome. Yes that’s right, I’m sure you all could probably guess anyway. I didn’t fully understand it until now. Exhibit A “I just love chillin’ wit you, you’re like one of the HOMEBOYS!” Exhibit B “We’re too much alike, you’re too good to be true, something must be wrong with you. We get along like me and my BOYS!” Wait a second, aren’t both exhibits samples of what would be contained in the recipe for a healthy, open, communicative relationship? Especially, when it’s someone that you might potentially be interested in or would like to be in a committed relationship with? I guess not. I’m sorry my eyes light up when I see a gaming console or I give criticisms on a real deal, no sugar coated watered down opinions, can keep the “brotherhood code” and not mess up my boy’s game. I know I’m not rough and rugged looking, so how does a girl like me get passed being looked at as the homegirl? My answer to my own question is this: I don’t. Instead-what is to happen is the following…that guy, “the one” finds me. For the moment, until he comes along, being the homegirl is how I have power over-in determining who I choose to date. I change for no one. The way I see it, if any of the above statements are mentioned and I’m interested in an individual and those are his excuses for not taking it to the next level…he’s just not ready. Plain and Simple. He might just be intimidated by me because I’m not easily fooled. He’s really only setting me up good for the next dude (hopefully Mr. Right) the one I know so well, it’s impossible for him to lie to me, we think like each other-like our brains are on the same wave lengths, I feel what he feels and vice versa, we can have long deep conversations and most of all he TRUSTS me. Not really his loss for breaking the news to me, I mean we can still be cool…I understand, don’t think you’re hurting my feelings and killing my self-esteem. Everything just ain’t for everybody, and he clearly was not for me in that way. It just makes me realize that I am damn near close to perfect! Haha. I just gotta wait on my counterpart to find me. Also being the homegirl, helps me keep my standards real high, like right up in the nose bleeds, it allows me to be picky as hell, with men trying swing talks my way. I frown no more on being the homegirl, I raise my head high and feel proud that I can relate and avoid being bamboozled. I vent to my boys when girls just wouldn’t understand, hear the females and their mistakes so I don’t have to repeat AND lessen my chances of becoming involved in anything named drama! I can’t and will not dumb it down to be just A girl.
Of course, out with a track…oh so fitting as well, see videos below. Peace!

P.S. Does anyone own R. Kelly's 12 play album without a crack in it? Did you like me get tired of lending it out and having to just spot it when you went to check a friend?

A.L.S.O Does R. Kelly ever listen to his old stuff to maybe get back the definition of real R&B?

S.E.E. Keenan Ivory Wayans used to be the shit, where'd he go?? I loved his show for the brief moment it was this day...I'M GONNA GIT YOU SUCKA is one of my favourite movies.

from IMDB.Com

Rib Joint Customer: Ya got any soda? Hammer: One dollar. Rib Joint Customer: Aw, c'mon, now! Look out for a brother, man, c'mon, yeah. Check this out: why don't you let me get a sip for fifteen cents? Hammer: My cups cost more than fifteen cents! Rib Joint Customer: All right, fuck the cup. Pour it in my hand for a dime!

1 more!

Cheryl: Well, after you left, he started getting into drugs and stuff. Things got really bad when he... Jack Spade: Well, what? Cheryl, come on! Cheryl: He started wearing gold chains, Jack. Jack Spade: Oh, God, no!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Setting the mood with...Gotta Get Mine-Infinite ft. Divine Brown

As my Blackberry goes off at 6:04 am, my daily inspirational go-getter email comes in from Jim Rohn…Subject: CAN YOU REALLY GET ANYTHING YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE? ANYTHING? The answer: YES, It is possible for you to get anything you want out of life. Anything. But there’s just one problem. Usually…SOMEONE ELSE HAS IT, AND YOU HAVE TO CONVINCE THEM TO GIVE IT TO YOU!

I’ve realized that I’m not the only one who currently is in this F everything mood, wanting to just change everything from job to lifestyle. I thought about it last night-When I don’t have a job, I seem to stress less about how my bills are going to get paid and where is money coming from when the savings account has gone dry. Right now I’m between a rock and hard place because I have put myself there, and like a child who crawls between the coffee table and couch sitting, contemplating, which way to use to get out. Here I sit confined between a job I dislike (my coffee table) and my passion (my couch, my comfort.) I could quit my job, break it to my parents to get a cussing, with their old school mentality they just wouldn’t understand what I meant by me following my passions-although there would be no immediate monetary gain. I’m still wondering what will be that push for me, in reference to Jim Rohn…Is it my boss GIVING me my pink slip? Or me just sitting at my desk one day with the usual headache I get daily when I step into work and smell corporate politics and the bullshit of shadiness...then just saying…I QUIT, keep my mags and notepads, I’ll take the coffee cups! Then I snap back to reality and say it’s not that easy…I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t learned to make certain sacrifices as yet…like not buying shoes, seeing the latest movies by myself, eating out, damn going out. Sometimes I think if I ate meat again would that solve the problem, I mean my grocery list would be chopped by like 75%! Money saved. Anyway, I got up real early this morning with Scrabble on the brain as I continue my quest on beating my homeboy P Plus in a game. It’s not that I suck, I mean Scrabble and Scattegories are my favourite games I just didn’t think I would find my match, this son of a gun P Plus who keeps beating me…like creeping up on me….slow kill…beating me…simply because great minds think a like, I guess…(no not really haha). Before I get carried away with Scrabble…I’m actually ready for work, sitting here…writing…waiting for time to run out slowly, before I check into day prison like some kind of criminal. My crime…holding passion and love hostage, conspiring in every aspect, taking advantage/abusing time, being a prodigal, indulging/participating in the underground society of shoe fiends. I guess I have to serve my time until I get my scared straight experience. Do you remember the scared straight video series back in middle school?? Damn, kids would probably laugh at that shit now, or recognize a friend or cousin, it’s a shame. Life is not meant to be figured out at times it seems, especially now. Time, time, time, everything happens with time, well either time is moving too fast or I’m moving too slow and in dire need of stepping my game up. Whatever it is…I’m trying my damn hardest to make myself happy and do what I want…and I will get there. Leave this peoplesoft/ceridian payroll thing behind unless I’m doing it for myself, the daily nag of someone delegating a task to me, not because they are overwhelmed with work, but to hide the fact that they REALLY don’t know what they're doing. Well the change starts with me, right now, I’m off to get what belongs to me from someone, something. It starts with one thing…ME BEING ON TIME FOR WORK, since I’m walking on thin glass with tardiness. Don’t get it twisted though, if I loved my job, I would be on time everyday, it’s just the 30 minutes it takes for me to contemplate if today is the day I walk in there and grab my blue mountain box and say…SEE YA NEXT LIFETIME….well today is not the day, I’m out. PEACE!!!

TRACK OF THE DAY....Only fitting

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mo-Mo-Mother's Day...Part 1 and Nostalgia

I'm not even gonna mention the hiatus from blog world. Let's just say I was lovin' the no obligations to school and ting. My foot's been reaaaal hot! Anyway, let me just jump right in it, like I never left. So I was talking to one of my homeboy's this week and some of my homegirl's, the same topic kept resurfacing...the Baby Momma I can't stand. A lot of my homeboy's that have children are either in category A, which is-I take care of my child(ren), I love him/her/them, and I love the mother of my child(ren) regardless that we are not together. THEN, there is category B-I take care of my child(ren), I love him/her/them, but...the mother is straaaiight trippin'. I'm going to talk about the latter. Sidenote: I am proud to say, I don't have any homeboy's that I need to be cussin' about not taking care of their child(ren). Anyway, I figured since it's Mother's day, I'm going to touch on the subject. I respect the men that do whatever they can for their children, but some of these women need to keep in mind that the father of your child needs to eat too!!! Like come on!! He gives you money, will even go buy clothes, take's the kids on the weekend, BUT still that mother just feels it's not enough. I personally think at times this "nagging" is an excuse to hide the real just can't stand to see him living his life and you're not fully in it. Child or no child, some people are just not meant to be together forever, maybe for a moment or second-the individual is a lesson, understand that. I also think "I'm trying to make it work for the sake of the child" is not a good can't learn to love someone-that's called mediocre's not cool. So it's Mother's day...yes, you deserve the appreciation of carrying a child for 9 months, for raising that child and being the best god damn role model you can (I HOPE!), but please give me a break...don't expect to get the world from the father of your child on this date, ESPECIALLY when the other 364 days you've treated him like he hasn't done anything for you and your child, when he has. Respect him as an individual, give him points for trying and you'll get the same. Don't hate on him if he has a new girl or he feels that things just wouldn't work out between the two of you. I completely understand why some men seem like they are not taking care of their's the animosity that has built up caused by a female that makes it damn near impossible for them to civil. Most men don't enjoy confrontations or arguments and to avoid these he'll stay away, which turns into him "not mining his yute." Happy Mother's day to you females, happy God-Mother's day to me and the others (hehe)...but please for the ignorant ones that make it hard for a man to deal, don't question why he only sent you a text and did not call you and deliver flowers, maybe it's time to give him more respect and allow him to take care of his child with no interruptions of your own underlying selfishness.


B.t.w--Happy Mother's day to all the single mother's that have the full-time job, raise their children the best they can, on a system way tighter than the government's!...AND ABOVE ALL...are civil with the father's for the well-being of the child.

A.L.S.O--I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the them all the beauty they possess inside...give them a sense of pride......(yeah I know what you're thinking.)

S.E.E--Raise your hands if like me, you told your mom you liked turkey and mustard sandwiches like the other kids at school..(but really you didn't, you just wanted to be cool cause all the other kids had it. You didn't wanna bring corned beef or shredded curry chicken sandwiches!) and for months steady you had to be throwing your lunch out or keeping it at the bottom of your school bag till your mom wondered what that stench was...and realized she oughta stop buying it.

I just thought I would give a shout out to my mom. I love her to death, she pretty much was a single mom, who always did her best and tried her hardest to please me, with whatever money she had. She always kept me looking fly, with the latest sneakers, no matter how high and pinch my cord pants were, how bright my socks were, and how tight my shirts were....I was the FIRST person on the whole elementary school yard to buss a pair of high top Fila's with the thick ass bottoms, or my favourite shoes EVER...L.A. LIGHTS! But she slipped up one time on keeping me looking it is...I had asked for a SONY walkman with the MC HAMMER...Please Hammer, Don't hurt em...TAPE...I wanted to bang out to U Can't touch this and Have you seen her. Anyway mom comes home and says she got me a walkman and the TAPE I wanted...I open the bag to find a no name yellow and grey walkman and MC Hammer's Let's Get It Started tape. I told my mom it was the wrong tape and of course the response I got was...the other one you asked for was too expensive, it's still MC HAMMER, what's the big deal? So here I was trying to sell the song "Son of the King" to all my friends as one of the illest Hammer joints. Booooo! Needless to say the ear phones stopped working after like two weeks and the tape got taped over with lunch countdowns from AM 640. I love you mom!

Ok I'm really out.