Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Setting the mood with...Gotta Get Mine-Infinite ft. Divine Brown

As my Blackberry goes off at 6:04 am, my daily inspirational go-getter email comes in from Jim Rohn…Subject: CAN YOU REALLY GET ANYTHING YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE? ANYTHING? The answer: YES, It is possible for you to get anything you want out of life. Anything. But there’s just one problem. Usually…SOMEONE ELSE HAS IT, AND YOU HAVE TO CONVINCE THEM TO GIVE IT TO YOU!

I’ve realized that I’m not the only one who currently is in this F everything mood, wanting to just change everything from job to lifestyle. I thought about it last night-When I don’t have a job, I seem to stress less about how my bills are going to get paid and where is money coming from when the savings account has gone dry. Right now I’m between a rock and hard place because I have put myself there, and like a child who crawls between the coffee table and couch sitting, contemplating, which way to use to get out. Here I sit confined between a job I dislike (my coffee table) and my passion (my couch, my comfort.) I could quit my job, break it to my parents to get a cussing, with their old school mentality they just wouldn’t understand what I meant by me following my passions-although there would be no immediate monetary gain. I’m still wondering what will be that push for me, in reference to Jim Rohn…Is it my boss GIVING me my pink slip? Or me just sitting at my desk one day with the usual headache I get daily when I step into work and smell corporate politics and the bullshit of shadiness...then just saying…I QUIT, keep my mags and notepads, I’ll take the coffee cups! Then I snap back to reality and say it’s not that easy…I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t learned to make certain sacrifices as yet…like not buying shoes, seeing the latest movies by myself, eating out, damn going out. Sometimes I think if I ate meat again would that solve the problem, I mean my grocery list would be chopped by like 75%! Money saved. Anyway, I got up real early this morning with Scrabble on the brain as I continue my quest on beating my homeboy P Plus in a game. It’s not that I suck, I mean Scrabble and Scattegories are my favourite games I just didn’t think I would find my match, this son of a gun P Plus who keeps beating me…like creeping up on me….slow kill…beating me…simply because great minds think a like, I guess…(no not really haha). Before I get carried away with Scrabble…I’m actually ready for work, sitting here…writing…waiting for time to run out slowly, before I check into day prison like some kind of criminal. My crime…holding passion and love hostage, conspiring in every aspect, taking advantage/abusing time, being a prodigal, indulging/participating in the underground society of shoe fiends. I guess I have to serve my time until I get my scared straight experience. Do you remember the scared straight video series back in middle school?? Damn, kids would probably laugh at that shit now, or recognize a friend or cousin, it’s a shame. Life is not meant to be figured out at times it seems, especially now. Time, time, time, everything happens with time, well either time is moving too fast or I’m moving too slow and in dire need of stepping my game up. Whatever it is…I’m trying my damn hardest to make myself happy and do what I want…and I will get there. Leave this peoplesoft/ceridian payroll thing behind unless I’m doing it for myself, the daily nag of someone delegating a task to me, not because they are overwhelmed with work, but to hide the fact that they REALLY don’t know what they're doing. Well the change starts with me, right now, I’m off to get what belongs to me from someone, something. It starts with one thing…ME BEING ON TIME FOR WORK, since I’m walking on thin glass with tardiness. Don’t get it twisted though, if I loved my job, I would be on time everyday, it’s just the 30 minutes it takes for me to contemplate if today is the day I walk in there and grab my blue mountain box and say…SEE YA NEXT LIFETIME….well today is not the day, I’m out. PEACE!!!

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