Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why are you over there looking at me....HATER?!?!

Yesterday I was talking to my boy and he mentioned money makes the world go ‘round so I told him, I beg to differ. In StAR’s crazy world I think HATERS MAKE THE WORLD GO ‘ROUND. Let me elaborate: If you’ve ever seen the movie Inside Man with Clive Owen and “My Man” himself Denzel Washington, then you are familiar with this partial quote-“RESPECT IS THE ULTIMATE CURRENCY.” This was said at the end by Clive Owen’s character. It came to mind as I sat talking to him staring at the Inside Man DVD case sitting on my window seat. You can have all the money in the world but if no one likes you or respects you, what’s the point? You’re just a damn slot machine that either gets cussed at, banged up or sweet talked then hoodwinked for your riches! So how does this tie into the whole topic of haters? Simply, the more people hate, the harder you try. You surpass them and leave them with their self inflicted pain of envy/jealousy and YOU end up being successful, recognized and therefore being RESPECTED by many more people for your effort and perseverance. Making something out of yourself! This is a classic example of turning negative into positive. Don’t get me wrong everyone cops a little “haterism” sometime, I mean I’m hating on the chick who was bubbling all over Usher during his performance on Dancing With The StARS, or some of those kids on My Super Sweet 16! Everything else…it makes no sense hating cause I can most likely do something about it. Anyway I’m talking about the all day, everyday hater, the hater with no justification. When I use the term HATER-I’m not only referring to those that build up jealousy towards another, I’m also talking about the doubtful skeptic and the overly excessive critics. If you don’t know someone personally and never have…what are you hating on? They say the happiest people with the biggest smiles on the outside, can sometimes be the ones with most trials and tribulations inside. So what are you jealous of? Don’t bother hating because you’re on the outside looking at what an individual cares to show you, especially materialistically…YES! He drives a 5 series BMW, BUT did you know to maintain his car it’s half his monthly income and his other bills might all be delinquent? If you and I were friends-we once were on a personal level, so you might’ve known my every move and what I aspire to do, why you criticizing my movements guy?!?! Once again…HATER what are you hating on? DON’T HATE CONGRATULATE!! LOL. Put down the HATERADE need a cheap mediocre drink…buy some KOOL-AID (random, it rhymed!) I’m accumulating and investing my respect vouchers very wisely…cashing 1 here or there inconspicuously. Hehe. Ultimately having a goal of being a highly regarded, respected chick , who started out on the Jane strip (Holla my peoples!! Jokes.)! In the end everything that I choose to do as a person is to better myself, to maintain a LEVEL of RESPECT amongst the others that I also respect, and teach a lesson to those that should be giving respect. Don’t have something to say unless you have a more efficient alternative to improving what I am aspiring to do. How true is it to say that you are only hating because I have what you fail to achieve and I am what you cannot be. People! Spend less time focusing all that negativity and putting excess energy into grudging people for who they are what they have and start honing your own skills, so that you too can be a respectable person. Learn to tolerate who are, so that everyone else can tolerate you, however some people just don’t have it so they will always be playa hating from the sidelines…and you my hater over there, will be my key to obtaining success and getting the respect that I deserve. Hating is the sincerest form of flattery…I’m flattered.
Peace out, see you at the top...hopefully!

A.L.S.O--You say ur addicted to weed, hell i'm addicted to cheese...trynna cut that shit out, like I did the meat...I flow with such ease, when I should be asleep.......and CUT! (I'm such a clown and I LOVE it.)

QUOTE OF THE DAY: George Washington Carver “Fear of something is at the root of hate for others, and hate within will eventually destroy the hater.”

TRACK OF THE DAY: First thing that came to mind...Haha, some LAAAZZZZZZZY MASE. Sleeping while trying to do a one, two step!

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