Thursday, May 15, 2008


From being a trill B*t&h with Rick Ross to Dreaming out Loud with One Republic…I can be a Hip-Rock-Reggae-Soul-Hop kinda woman. I’m pretty well rounded and my day to day relationships with friends/acquaintances look just like my itunes library.
I consider myself to be a cool girl…I mean I can get down with the homies, but then throw down in the mall to help a few girl friends find banging ensembles. I think I give pretty good advice, relationship or just playing the bootleg “life coach.” Although most of my friends would say I think like a man, hmmm, I never really understood that nor do I agree that I have “a man’s mentality”. I have one girl friend who thinks I always seem to agree with her fiancé more than I do with her. LOL. I wouldn’t necessarily say I think like a man…I believe I tend to go with the more simplistic dealings. I just don’t use as much brain power or try to rationalize the irrational, which men also choose not to do. That’s just me being easy going and looking at situations from a different point of view, where both parties could be considered right. LOL. Mutable or versatile is what most people would call me because I’m down to earth and cultured. That’s nice to know, but it goes deeper than that…I fight a constant battle…HOMEGIRL Syndrome. Yes that’s right, I’m sure you all could probably guess anyway. I didn’t fully understand it until now. Exhibit A “I just love chillin’ wit you, you’re like one of the HOMEBOYS!” Exhibit B “We’re too much alike, you’re too good to be true, something must be wrong with you. We get along like me and my BOYS!” Wait a second, aren’t both exhibits samples of what would be contained in the recipe for a healthy, open, communicative relationship? Especially, when it’s someone that you might potentially be interested in or would like to be in a committed relationship with? I guess not. I’m sorry my eyes light up when I see a gaming console or I give criticisms on a real deal, no sugar coated watered down opinions, can keep the “brotherhood code” and not mess up my boy’s game. I know I’m not rough and rugged looking, so how does a girl like me get passed being looked at as the homegirl? My answer to my own question is this: I don’t. Instead-what is to happen is the following…that guy, “the one” finds me. For the moment, until he comes along, being the homegirl is how I have power over-in determining who I choose to date. I change for no one. The way I see it, if any of the above statements are mentioned and I’m interested in an individual and those are his excuses for not taking it to the next level…he’s just not ready. Plain and Simple. He might just be intimidated by me because I’m not easily fooled. He’s really only setting me up good for the next dude (hopefully Mr. Right) the one I know so well, it’s impossible for him to lie to me, we think like each other-like our brains are on the same wave lengths, I feel what he feels and vice versa, we can have long deep conversations and most of all he TRUSTS me. Not really his loss for breaking the news to me, I mean we can still be cool…I understand, don’t think you’re hurting my feelings and killing my self-esteem. Everything just ain’t for everybody, and he clearly was not for me in that way. It just makes me realize that I am damn near close to perfect! Haha. I just gotta wait on my counterpart to find me. Also being the homegirl, helps me keep my standards real high, like right up in the nose bleeds, it allows me to be picky as hell, with men trying swing talks my way. I frown no more on being the homegirl, I raise my head high and feel proud that I can relate and avoid being bamboozled. I vent to my boys when girls just wouldn’t understand, hear the females and their mistakes so I don’t have to repeat AND lessen my chances of becoming involved in anything named drama! I can’t and will not dumb it down to be just A girl.
Of course, out with a track…oh so fitting as well, see videos below. Peace!

P.S. Does anyone own R. Kelly's 12 play album without a crack in it? Did you like me get tired of lending it out and having to just spot it when you went to check a friend?

A.L.S.O Does R. Kelly ever listen to his old stuff to maybe get back the definition of real R&B?

S.E.E. Keenan Ivory Wayans used to be the shit, where'd he go?? I loved his show for the brief moment it was this day...I'M GONNA GIT YOU SUCKA is one of my favourite movies.

from IMDB.Com

Rib Joint Customer: Ya got any soda? Hammer: One dollar. Rib Joint Customer: Aw, c'mon, now! Look out for a brother, man, c'mon, yeah. Check this out: why don't you let me get a sip for fifteen cents? Hammer: My cups cost more than fifteen cents! Rib Joint Customer: All right, fuck the cup. Pour it in my hand for a dime!

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Cheryl: Well, after you left, he started getting into drugs and stuff. Things got really bad when he... Jack Spade: Well, what? Cheryl, come on! Cheryl: He started wearing gold chains, Jack. Jack Spade: Oh, God, no!


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