Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Anything is Possible...YAY BOSTON 131-92.

Watching the NBA Finals is like counting down to 12 on New Years Eve. Only more climactic in my opinion. You don't want to blink and risk the chance of missing a good play, you want to see the task to completion regardless of the current state or what else is going on around you.
I just witnessed a serious ass whooping, Boston just stripped Kobe and the Lakers of ALL bragging rights, well I mean they haven't won a championship since 2002, BUT KOBE just won't be getting another ring this year. History repeats itself so maybe they'll lay in the cut 22 years and get another championship in 2022!! You feel me??

When someone says Boston, what comes to mind first is Larry Bird, tighty whities, 8 titles and Rob Parrish, now I'll be saying Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Larry Bird, Rob Parrish and annoying Pierce (can't hate though, he stacked up some good points off free throws, HE IS THE MVP).
I can't say I'm a huge basketball fanatic these days that knows every player's average and can sit and watch every game...I left that back in 1997, coincidentally that was when I decided I didn't want to play on the school basketball team any longer so I can gallavant after school. 1997 Bulls won the Championship against Mr. Malone and Utah Jazz, I have to say it was probably one of the best moments I recall ever in my history of following ball...Let me refresh your memories. Series was at 2-2, Game 5 begins, Utah's in the lead, Bulls down by 3, Jordan who was apparently ill the last 2 games of the finals...with like 25 seconds left in the final quarter, Jordan hits a 3 pointer AND PICKS UP A FOUL-TO SHOOT 2!!! 90-88 Bulls win Damn! End result: 5, 5, 5...5 NBA Championship, Jordan's 23 makes 2+3=5, Jordan wins the game for the Bulls with a 5 point play. Damn. Those were the days when I loved basketball when I had no job, no responsibilities but to follow basketball, I still love basketball, but unfortunately I have also discovered other loves during my increase in age. Sheer determination...regardless of how sick he was, it was evident that he had one intention and that was to persevere and win the game to take home the title when leaving Utah. Now, tonight's game was not as nail biting, however Celtics played solid defense and I just knew they were gonna take it home by the end of the 1st quarter! I'm glad that Boston won. KG said it best anything is possible. A team that hasn't won a campionship since 1986,n and back then they were known as THE TEAM due to their 8 straight titles in the 60's and just racking up a total of 16 championships NOW 17 (brap brap!).

What I am getting at is this...Anything can happen if you put your mind to it, stay hungry don't rest, until your satisfied and everyone can see your gains. When I watch basketball, especially in the finals, I get liberated, I'm elated when I see the team that I'm cheering on win. Determination is re-defined and PASSION becomes so lucid, the most uninspired individual can see the result of hard work. I saw Kevin Garnett shed tears of joy to the point he could not even say anything coherent, Doc Rivers held his back and Paul Pierce smiled ear to ear and did his happy dance. I was overwhelmed with happiness, their joy was now contagious and I was beginning to feel as if, I can do anything as long as I have determination and committment by my side (or maybe just the thought of Army brat Ray Allen LOL.) It's not that I didn't know this before, but there's something about a man exuberating such joy and love for one's passion to the point of tears, that becomes a positive reinforcement for a female like myself. Yes, money can always be an incentive (I wouldn't mind making 20 mill Garnett), but they're getting paid to do what they love and I for myself would not want it any other way either. I guess I'll see how long this dose of positivity will hold up for me to keep pressing on. When I reach my goal in life, I will let you all know and I expect to have a keg full of Gatorade waiting for me.

Trying to stay hungry...

Shout outs:
-Paul Piece congratulations to him on obtaining MVP.
-Ray Allen for lacing the court with all those 3 tied a record tonight.
-Garnett the spotlight was on you for rebounds and 26 Points with your boy Ray Allen.
-Rondo 6 steals...ooh wee...What? You stole from Kobe?...1 steal short of tying a record.
-DoC Rivers...your first Championship.

A.L.S.O- Kobe I saw you turning up your lip...DOn't hate, congratulate...No Gatorade for's all on the floor.

B.U.T-Gasol now that the games over...GET A SHAVE, CUT YOUR HAIR OR PULL IT look greasy.

N.O.T.E-Odom take it easy, don't get so mad..either you get fouled and miss the basket or get blocked and miss the basket...Boston's not having it...they're on a mission.

*Boston what was for dinner?...LAKERS "STRIPloin" with some bubbly on the side.

Here's the video pick, dedicated to Boston...(I pick some reaaal cheesy stuff I know.) We all know I was probably gonna pick this...