Monday, June 9, 2008

Where you at...Mr. Chivalry?

Can I just say....YAH! I'm loving this weather...Life is good, right now. SO I've started this new shift at work I'm now working 9-5pm like most normal people that work in fancy buildings and I must say, I'm loving it. Can you believe I Stacey-StAR make it to work at 8:40....Not 8:50 or 9:40 but yes, 20 minutes before my shift!!! I'm not really a late kinda person, if I really wanna do something I can be on time, but lets just say the change of shift also caused a little paradigm shift and I'm looking at things from a whole new perspective. Anyway, my homegirl H.G. just came back from Florida and as she was telling me about her trip-she....sidebarred...and had this to say...."Toronto MEN are F*in Asses (I say that due to the larger amount asshole movements than nice ones)" and I thought about Ians Andre Espinet's blog a few months back, then I thought about my incidents on the weekend. I had this to say to her..."I KNOW RIGHT?" Anyway, she went to Florida that is comparable to T.O. to a CERTAIN extent, beaches and weather is mostly what it has going for it. On many occasions I've experienced the benevolence of other men when I've travelled, most recently the Foot Locker worker in B-Lo that hooked me and my bestfriend up with a WHOLE HEEP of Jolly Rancher jelly beans, by asking us..."You guys dig jelly beans?" It was small but it was thoughtful. Chivalry exists!! Just lacking in Toronto. Could it be that the men here are just used to us?? While when we go to other places, they just know that we're tourists?? or...or? or?? screwface capital just has some real dudes that are just straight selfish. Here's my examples of the asshole movements...

Situation #1-AS HOT AS club PERIDOT was on Saturday at 2000 TILL I swear this will be the last time I talk about the sweltering heat up in there. Check the scenario like I was Tribe...I was jamming to some Kanye that Dj P+ was puttin' down, trying to fan myself with my hand and prevent myself from passin' out. I had gotten real dizzy earlier staring at this dude in plaid shorts giving the crowd a run to Movado like it was 2003? what? He must've been locked up...Elephant man, Pon De River...soooooo 5 years ago!! I shimmy over to the bar and I spot a fan, but who would've known because this guy was standing directly in front of it. Anyway I passed him and went to the bar to grab a bottle of water, so on my way back to the other side, I PURPOSELY passed back his way and stood there for a minute dancing, all bumped the man on his shoulder...can you believe it?? Dude didn't even budge, so I continued to watch the dude bask in the cool breeze of the industrial fan. So I say out loud, DAMN IT'S HOT IN HERE U MIND SHARING THE FAN?!?!?! I know he heard me. What does he do? Steps back in the fan, almost hugging it to let me pass by! WHA DI ASS?? That's was straight mean. I watched him monopolize the fan for a good 10 minutes from across the room. I'm still upset thinking about it...a nice guy would've saw the sweat just shining on my arm and responded to my plea for cool air and give me some of the fan. I wasn't asking you to buy me a drink homie, I WAS ASKING FOR A LITTLE BREEZE!!

Situation #2- I went by my homeboys house, but I'm walking in with my suitcase of a purse, some Dominion bags (Don't get it twisted ain't shopping for him, I needed my own snacks, everyone knows MOST single men never have shit in their fridge and cupboards.) and a whole bunch a CDs that were in my car to give to him. I struggle through the entrance of the building. In the lobby there's a guy waiting for someone to answer the buzzer and let him in, but I have a key (once again, don't get it twisted, when we broke up I never gave it back, and we're just tight like that, he's my homie, not lover, but just a friend.) The gentleman continues to hold onto the door, turns around and acknowledges I have a key, so I STRUGGLE to get the Key into the door and he's watching me...alright cool, didn't think anything of it, maybe he didn't wanna overstep his boundaries by maybe holding a bag or taking the key, he probably thought that maybe I woulda thought that he was trying to rob me, who knows?! The point is I STRUGGLED to open the door with cds tucked under my arm, bags tearing off my wrist. I open the door and you would not believe what this guy does...instead of maybe holding the door so I can get through, or little ladies first typa thing...I pull the door open and he SQUEEZES PAST ME, STEPPING OVER MY FOOT that's on the frame of the door...biggest diss was the LACK OF THANKS. WTF?!?! UNBE...F*IN...LEIVABLE. I step into the elevator, with him...I sigh, HE SAYS.."Thanks for opening the door..." I just say Yeah nonchalantly. I swear I coulda took my bags and swung them at his head!


B.U.T--Shout outs to all the nice guys I know, even the ones that have a little more selfishness than they should, I ain't hating, cause I don't ask for much....hmmm maybe that's the problem. Us woman have grown accustomed to the way certain men are in the city so we won't call them they continue with this whack ass behaviour and don't feel the need to step their game up. Who cares if they call you miserable, I'm sure if you say what you gotta say they'll take it into consideration. I don't care call me miserable. My sarcasm does hold truth, I give u a chance through sarcasm to do the right thing, but if you still don't get the hint, either I call you out, or I don't mess with cha, cause ur not worth the time.

A.L.S.O--Nice guys....come out, come out, come out, wherever you are........

N.O.T.E--And you wonder why I'm still single, the dating game is a joke...CAUSE I SPEND MORE TIME CUSSING AND NIT PICKING...than trynna get to know a man, either my expectations are too high or kindness and consideration levels are too low on his part...hmmm, in my books the only way to go is up so....step ya game up...cause I'm not stepping into your land of mediocrity.

Disclaimer...I'm not bitter. Don't look into this too deep and think we wanna get wine and dined or have men kiss the ground we walk's the little things that make us FEEL like women. The Hiyahs, hellos and how are yous, if we make eye contact in the clubs or on the streets...the drive safes after the clubs if you ask for my number and I DON'T give it to you, or damn when you see me sweating lookin' like imma bout to pass out the....ARE YOU OK?!?!? Damn. General convos without the mention of my butt so I feel like the conversation will have some substance, not me automatically copping attitude cause you're already mentioning my physical attributes.


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Boots said...

I think both men and women are fed up of each other at this point, especially in this city. It's a two way street in my opinion. Not all girls deserve chivalrous treatment. Some of them are just stush b/c of past experiences and I can understand that, but give me the chance to open my mouth before you assume I'm not a nice guy. I can only speak for myself at this point but I've gotten to the point where it is almost a waste of energy to give a girl on road that special treatment, it unfortunately almost never pays off. U may get a little time from the girl out of pity but u end up looking real corny. So unstush girls come out, come out wherever u are lol