Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stay HUNGRY but make BUSINESS ur daily vitamin.

Another nice motivating statement from Jom Rohn's Ezines...this one came at like 12pm though. LOL. It said....Stay hungry, and make no your daily vitamin...I switched it up to fit the topic.

If I wasn't so tired, I would've wrote this last night.

I was listening to the real freqs like I do weekly, def-E-NITE-Ly Monday Nightly with my girl Tiff, and all I have to say is this...The show was straight heatery like Arcee would say...peep the blog...http://therealfrequency.podbus.com/blog/ Watch out for the podcast later on this week, normally around Thursday. Famous (It's the KIIIIIIID!) was in the building last night, amongst the jokes and the freestyling he put down, definitely one of my favourite Episodes last night. Peep this...WWW.THEKIDFAMOUS.COM...Here's an example of passion tied with an effective business strategy. The way I see it, the minute you decide to make a profit off your passion, whether it be rapping, djing, it becomes a business and after tonight's show and the Stylus DJ events that took place last weekend-the conference in particular...Toronto aritst, yall need to step your game up and keep stepping it up. Learn the business side of this industry and TAKE constructive criticism, don't take it as anyone trying to knock you, shit...this is your city and my city, no need to put that whack stuff out and make us ALL look bad. Ya feel me? A little late but....damn...better late than never. I was helping out at the Stylus Spinfest that happened back on May 30th to June 2nd. During the conference..."It's starts with the dj" there were a few things that were mentioned, the most important thing that I want to mention that was the most effective part of the conference was this. You spend time in the studio, you pop out mixtapes, you expect deejays to play it because it's "homegrown" BUT just because it's "homegrown" are we to overlook the mediocrity of the material I think not! A lot of artists trying to take this music thing to the next level need to understand that there's more to it than just sitting in your basement studio or just a studio, trynna make shit that you think people will bump to...you forget about the whoooolle professionalism involved, the business of aspect of marketing and branding yourself and your music. Be consistent and current....I'm waiting on certain things to drop...kinda like the west coast BEEN waiting on Dr. Dre's Detox. I do understand that it's hard, especially in Toronto. The below scenario is an example of why some people trying to get into this music industry think it's hard or even fail.

So I'm trying to setup for the next set of panelists coming out at the Stylus Dj conference the Saturday a guy taps me on the shoulder and says this..."Yo, I see your part of this...(duh my shirt says event staff...) hold on to this and let me know what's good...I want you to check this out..." He proceeds to handing me a mixtape...how about I holla back at that wooden table and leave it there...I was taken aback by his approach so I didn't even look at what was given to me, sorry to say I left it on the table backstage, reason: lack of professionalism, if you don't take pride in how you present yourself, what makes me think your music is gonna be any good/better? I didn't know if he was the producer or the mc, or just maybe a guy doing some promoting for his homeboy. This is a topic that can go on and on, but I rather not, it gets too complex, everyone has their own opinion...blah, blah, smah smah....but that's my 2 cents to let you know, I'm not an industry cat trying to sell my records, I'm a girl on the outside looking in. Like the title says..Stay HUNGRY but take some BUSINESS vitamins increase your knowledge in order to stay focus. Business and marketing plans should still exist for those who "rap". Do your research, network...in A PROFESSIONAL MANNER, SO PEOPLE CAN TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY. This doesn't only go for artists though, this goes for anyone on a serious grind to make something of themselves. Peace!


These are the homegrown tracks that stick out to me randomly within the last year or 2. This is my list, so critics keep your comments to yourself. I personally think they all have a different sound that works for them.

1.) Loudmouths-I'm the boss (You all know about this on my ringtone and in the ride.)
2.) Sox-Hope (No comment, it hits me hard.)
3.) Tona-Dial Tone, Don't Holla
4.) Rochester-Pull Up, Priceless, I'm ready
5.) Brassmunk Album-Repo! Music & Magic
6.) BBL Album--Now that summers around the corner....I'm creeping slow again.
7.) Kardinal Offishall-E.G.G.
8.) Point Blank-Born and Raised in the Ghetto, God Only knows
9.) Mathematik-Righteous
10.) Mayhem Morearty-Smoke Clears

Of Recent....in addition to above...
Sox- 29-9-9
Famous-Big Mon ting, 4th Biggest city, *Kid trynna make it...(heard it for the first time on freq's last night....damn...shouts out to Mayhem and Blake, I'm loving this track.)
Jd Era-Paper Chase
Luu Breeze-Break em off

**Disclaimer....Don't hate me if a song didn't make the cut!! It's late night, I just wrote what came to mind, I'll probably be cussing tomorrow when I realize I left something off. Oh well...don't sue me....please?..lol

A.L.S.O-For u Boots Johnson...Disclaimer (2) Please forgive me for any spelling or grammatical errors, that might have caused you to stutter and re-read a line more than once!!!**

Quote of the day...It should be nothing to you if you love it....live it and do it with passion. -Famous said something to affect last night.

If you didn't already know....

Enjoy the Videos....

Big Mon Ting!

Ayah ft. Tona-Pusha Man

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