Monday, June 16, 2008

HAS Canada Gone mad...and Boston!

**DISCLAIMER...The following views are those of StAR and it is not intended to make anyone feel below par, especially MuchMusic, or looked upon as me bashing, but more of an incentive to step your game up...remember though...who's StAR her opinions might just not matter.** my homegirl Sharheezy said is worst than, good ol' B.E.T when it comes to reruns...Didn't the MMVA'S finish at 10:59? Replayed by 11:02pm. There is nothing exciting about the MMVA's, everything you THINK will be interesting turns into a disappointment. I would like to address the current weather situation first...What the heck does the crowd smell like?...After waiting outside for a good spot, since 10AM this morning. Last time I checked it rained a few times today, not kosher AT ALL, nor does the thought of anyone standing beside me not smelling righteous sit with me. I like the outdoor concept of the MMVA's but it's getting a little played. The MMVA's are mediocre and they need to step their game up. Point form here were go...
-Why interview all the presenters? With the crowd going wild, you can't hear them anyway so don't bother?
-OMG?!?! BELLY THE GODFATHER OF CANADIAN HIP HOP?....GIVE ME A BREAK...Then I'm the next Quincy Jones! whack...Whack...WHACK!!! Forgot his name and it doesn't matter after his intro for Belly, but that VJ needed to get reprimanded for saying such a statement...that's a direct diss to all the other Canadian Hip Hop Movers and Shakers.
-Akon were you lipsynching?...your HOOK!?!? I love KARDI, but cut back on the hypeman movements, give it to Solitaire in the back. I couldn't enjoy the song.
-Based on the choreographed nonsense of the dancers and artists...How much notice was given to them on their MMVA performance?
-Hedley looks similar to Ben Stiller in "The Heartbreak Kid". The scene where he tried to get back in the U.S. after losing his stuff in Mexico. LMAO. Maybe he did look proper but got soaked from the rain trying to walk the red carpet. Hmmmm?
-Back to the choreography...Girlicious! I swore I saw these moves for a whole season on your show, why were you still not on point?!?
-Rihanna..."Ahhh here comes the Whack....Word up, don't sing no crap you bore me, wanna grab my feelin' lazy? yeah hold it for me!" (Thanks for lending me your line Craig Mack.) Booooring...Just take a bow off the stage.
-Yeah we get it....CANADIAN GIRLS ARE THE BEST!!
-DID the videographers not get all access passes??...I SEE, there's a lot of people there, but I CAN'T SEE THE PERFORMERS!!!

-New Kids...or should I say...OLD KIDS ON THE (QUEEN & JOHN) BLOCK!! I got excited, then cried! I don't know what was worst...THE DISSIPATED dance moves or Joey's attempt at singing..."Please don't go girl" Your summertime single?? For an album dropping in September? I really, really hope Chris Brown does them all some justice, as I hear he is doing some song writing for them. Nostalgia saved me from writing those guys off completely....NKOTB did not have the RIGHT STUFF! Donnie...why you gotta say...she was looking for a dude from SCARBOROUGH?
ALSO...DO...HOLLA A TIMBALAND (Everyone else seems to!!) I love you Donnie, but I love MARK better. You don't see him trying to do a come back for Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch......or will he???

Best thing about the MMVA's were the clear umbrellas...I want one...OH the jokes too.

-KOBE!!! AHHHH, I could slap you for that steal from Pierce! I was hoping you'd trip and the ball roll out of bounds. Good hustle tho--on your part Kobe.
-16 Points...JUST off comment Pierce...hmmm good game...*yawning....* sleep time.
-HOUSE...WE COULDA USED YOUR 3 POINTER MAYBE 45 SECONDS EARLIER BUDDY, we coulda had a chance at overtime or maybe a 1 point win!


Anyway....based on the MMVAs, my quote...MEDIOCRE PLANNING AND EXECUTION BRING MEDIOCRE RESULTS!! Maybe next year MMVAs **shaking head**

A video...some Nostalgia fo yo ass...This is how Please Don't GO girl should have sounded

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